Retaining Walls & Bank Stabilization

Island Marine Construction serves as general contractor for retaining walls, shoreline stabilization and hillside/slope remediation projects. A retaining wall is a structure that holds back soil or rock from a shoreline, building, structure or area. Retaining walls prevent downslope movement or erosion and provide support for vertical or near-vertical grade changes. Retaining walls are generally made of masonry, stone, brick, concrete, vinyl, steel or timber. Bank stabilization is a non-structural means of stabilizing hillsides and slopes from erosion. We use geo-textiles and state of the art soil-anchoring systems in our bank stabilization projects. From the design and creation of simple retaining walls and sea walls to massive slope stabilization projects, Island Marine Construction coordinates the services of engineers, heavy equipment operators, landscapers and others. We also manage the required filing and processing of permits with the necessary government bodies.

Retaining Wall