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Dock Systems

• Floats
• Ramps
• Walkways
• Counterbalance Systems

Island Marine Construction Services Ltd. provides all dock construction solutions from permit management to finishing details. Specializing in durable dock systems for exposed locations and for high bank waterfront, we design and build the highest quality timber and concrete floats, aluminum ramps, timber and aluminum walkways, and counter balance systems. Years of design and building experience, combined with our use of superior components, ensure that our docks withstand the test of time and extreme weather.

All dock systems are custom-designed, taking into account the waterfront access, exposure, location, and client requirements. Each situation and each client is unique and so are our dock systems.

concrete floatFloats

Island Marine Construction’s custom-designed timber and concrete floats are time-proven and designed to government specifications. Our floats won't let you down.

jumbo aluminum ramp with mini-mesh deckingRamps

Island Marine Construction custom-designs ramps to suit the individual needs of our clients, taking into consideration exposure, location, weight, and tides. The variety of ramps is endless. We build ramps wide enough and strong enough to accommodate a vehicle. We design ramps that achieve National Bridge Code standards for pedestrian walkways or we create light- weight ramps for specific purposes. We can provide a variety of sizes, decking, handrails and building materials.

Our ramps are CAD designed and fabricated in our own shop using marine grade aluminum and superior components.


Walkways or gangways span the distance between the shoreline and the ramp down to the float and Island Marine always pays close attention to the aesthetics of this key component of our dock systems. Attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials ensure the walkway is pleasing to the eye. Whether constructed of #1 and better treated timber or marine grade aluminum, our walkways are custom-designed for the client and the location.

Counterbalance Systems

Our unique and innovative integral pipe pile counter balance systems not only have less visual impact than conventional systems, they have proven to withstand the extreme winter gales that frequent our area.